Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we usually get. Take a look.

Can I email only one form?

Yes, you can email an individual form or all forms from a project.

What is Company Cam?

Company Cam is a photo documentation APP. When linked up with REIS, will let you keep track and email a link of all photos for each project.

Can I save my projects?

Yes, you can save all projects to your desktop or laptop.

How do I add line items to my estimate / invoice?

Utilizing the customized scope forms, just select what line items you want and they get transferred to your estimate / invoice automatically. Also, you can add Craftsman Line Items right on your estimate / invoice.

How many Craftsman line items are there in REIS?

There is over 13,000 Craftsman line items in the REIS program. All line item prices are adjusted by each zip code in the United States and Canada.

Can I add notes to line items on my estimates / invoices?

Yes, you can add notes to any line item that is on the estimate / invoice.

Can I change the text of the included contract forms?

Yes, if you already have your own contract forms, you can copy and paste the text into each contract form. This is done inside the Programming Tab. Once you add a new project, it creates the project from all your forms in the Programming Tab.

What if I need a contract form that REIS does not provide?

In the programming Tab, we have a Form Builder. With this feature you can create unlimited contract forms that will that will always stay in your account.

Is there a maximum number of projects I can add per month?

You can add unlimited projects per month. No extra charge!

How many users can I have with my account?

You can add unlimited users. You can invite new users in the settings tab. No extra charge!

Do you provide scopes with line items?

Yes, we start you off with a Mitigation Scope. In the Programming Tab, you can add your regular and after hour prices to all your line items. You can customize your scope forms to fit your company.

Can I have more scopes other than the provided Mitigation Scope?

Yes, in the Programming Tab you can create and customize as many scopes as you wish. Many companies create a different scope for each type of project.

Can I add line items from multiple scopes to an estimate / invoice?

Yes, you can select line items from all your scopes to add to your estimates / invoices. On the scopes, there is a scope dropdown menu to pull up your different scopes.

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