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We spent many years in the restoration industry handling everything from water, mold, fire and construction build backs.

Working in the field and using hand written forms or scope sheets fell far from being useful. Trying generic invoicing programs just did not cover everything that we needed. Using programs from our industry lacked many of the features that you would want in the field and just did not help with invoicing.

All of these options were not fast or easy to use. After a long hard days work, the last thing we wanted to do was another 1-2 hours of office time trying to create a professional looking invoice.

After searching and struggling for a number of years for a better way, it became clear that once again necessity would become the mother of invention.

A great deal of time and planning went into creating a program where you could access all of your line items and pricing from the field on your tablet or laptop. Estimating and invoicing can now be completed in the field and even emailed straight to your client. This is an all-in-one answer where everything is at your fingertips.

It was extremely important that our program was user friendly and lighting fast and we have created just that. We present to you a digital solution that will assist you in improving your speed and accuracy on estimating and invoicing. You will now save valuable time which will allow you to have more personal time.

We care about our clients and encourage new ideas and we will always have an open forum for an ever improving product.

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Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions

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