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Mold and some Dangers in regard to Home Flooding

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Flood restoration companies like yours provide valuable services to homes affected by water damage due to extreme weather, broken pipes, or leaking roofs. When a homeowner is faced with a flood, it is important that they understand the potentially dangerous situations that may arise. These problems go far beyond a stained carpet or damaged furniture. Mold remains one of the most serious outcomes that should be eradicated as soon as possible to prevent long-term structural and health problems.


Water Mitigation the First Step to Recovery


When the home flooding occurs, the primary responsibility for flood restoration companies involves getting as much water and moisture as possible out of the home quickly. This usually involves multiple rounds of cleanup. Different workers may use pumps to get rid of standing water, manual labor to move out ruined furniture, mattresses, carpets, and wallboard, and industrial fans to dry everything out before restoration begins.


This multi-faceted project requires considerable organization so every worker gets the job done on schedule and insufficient time for the next round to start. Job and project management subscription services like Dry Forms Plus alleviates a lot of the inefficiency found in other systems.


Flooded Homes Create Many Risks


Problems associated with flooding go beyond standing water. This water may contain bacteria or other infectious things, chemicals, and other toxins. It may affect the home's electrical system, too. Organizing cleanup requires a lot of different safety precautions and specialists who can tackle each part of the job effectively and with the up most professionalism and care.


The risks do not end when the water is out of the house either. Some things like mold growth can start with a flood and continue to cause serious problems for months or even years to come.


Mold: Long-term Damage and Danger


Any time flooding occurs inside a residential or commercial building, it provides the perfect environment for mold growth. A large part of the flood restoration industry involves eliminating the conditions that help mold spores grow on surfaces and inside a home's structure.


According to the CDC, the dangers of mold include:


  • Respiratory difficulties especially for those with allergies or asthma
  • Mold infections for those with compromised immune systems
  • Long-term damage to the lungs if mold is not eradicated completely


Helping Homeowners With Flood Restoration


After all immediate issues like electrical and propane systems are secured, water mitigation begins in earnest. When working on a home of any size that has extensive flooding, the list of individual tasks is often long and complex. As an environmental or general contractor, you want to deliver the best possible service in the shortest amount of time without cutting corners. The homeowners want more than anything to get back into a safe and comfortable home as soon as possible after the disaster occurs.


When your company uses a professional quality document and equipment management system, you can deliver the more efficient and comprehensive service possible. offers the perfect solution to business management in the flood restoration industry.

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